people's architecture office proposes tubular living inside ventilation shafts people's architecture office proposes tubular living inside ventilation shafts all images courtesy of people's architecture office inside three lane crawford retail locations - beijing, shanghai, and hong kong - people's architecture office (PAO) have realized a series of installations that propose and demonstrate how 'tubular living' can be adapted for the future.
What North Americans refer to as the Panama Hat is actually a hat that is made in Ecuador. But the hats that are actually worn throughout the country of Panama, known as sombreros pintados, are quite different.
( Just about a month ago we ran this feature on Sean Mote's wild turbocharged Caddy. Well, it went viral and was viewed by seemingly half of the gearhead world. It quickly jumped into our top 10 most viewed items so here it is again!) We love guys like Ohio's Sean Mote.
Automotive perfection. Short front overhang... long dash-to-axle, long deck, continental spare, pillar less construction..... and I haven't even gotten to the interior.
Over the last five years, craft-brewery acquisitions have been on the rise. Yet beer lovers still routinely throw around the fanciful negatives they're sure will soon characterize the formerly independent breweries. What's really been going on since these acquisitions-for better or for worse? And does anything actually improve when Big Beer buys you?

Project Binky - Episode 1 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

In the first episode of Project Binky, we take a rotten old Austin Mini and strip it down to a bare shell. We then take an angle grinder to it and cut it to pieces. It's only then that the customised rebuilding process starts. We're trying to create one of the fastest Minis on the planet.
There's no telling how many guns we have in America-and when one gets used in a crime, no way for the cops to connect it to its owner. The only place the police can turn for help is a Kafkaesque agency in West Virginia, where, thanks to the gun lobby, computers are illegal and detective work is absurdly antiquated.
New York City discards millions of pounds of dead electronics each year. We follow its path from shelf to shredder By Andrew J. Hawkins | Photography by Amelia Holowaty Krales Gadget shopping? Chances are that as soon as you plunk down cash for a new smartphone or 9.7-inch tablet or 4K / 3D / LED flatscreen television, a tiny part of your brain is already plotting its disposal.
Andrew J . Hawkins / The Verge
If you've ever preordered a videogame and felt disappointed by your purchase later, let me suggest a great thing to try: Stop preordering videogames. It must be difficult to ponder such a thing when the entire blockbuster videogame industry seems intent on getting you to preorder every game, every time.
Our pals at This is Ground recently launched a "smart" backpack that will make you feel like the coolest, most in-the-know traveler out there. Crossing town (or the globe) with a laptop, iPad, headphones, and WiFi port can weigh you down - but it's a reality for many, especially those who work from the road.